• Sky Scrolls Story Submission by Cira Felina Bolla, 18 January 2014:

    I was visiting one of my dearest friends during her artist-in-residence in 2004. It would mark my first time in Marfa, TX. I loved it and instantly felt at home. A quiet town on the outside but brimming with new circles of creative explorations within. One evening at dusk we set out to the McDonald Observatory nearby. As we were driving in—on the approach up the windy hill—dusk soon slipped away and she had to turn off our head lights to protect the skies from light pollution. When we reached the remote viewing spot where her telescope was, we paused to enjoy the crisp desert air and a glass of wine outside. I sat back with a resounding Ahhhh and in that moment I looked up at the vast sky only to see this magnificent and magical array of lights. It consumed me with its magic and I turned to Erika and asked, “What is that? ” as I pointed to the mass of star formations that took my breath away and left me feeling deeply connected to the ancientness of our planet. Erika turned to me with a smile and said, ” That’s The Milky Way. “

Sky Scrolls:

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